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Holiday season means more time doing things out of the regular routine. The Me of a few months ago would have been agitated inside at not sticking to a plan but something has shifted. I had an easy holiday season, spending good time being with the family and catching up with old friends. I did manage one long run while away from home and it was a chance to experiment with the breath again.

The route I decided on took me on noisy roads but a nostalgic one as I passed by old hang-outs and friend’s homes and eateries. Some have disappeared, some have changed and some have endured, pretty much like our lives.

As far as the run went, there were a few things I did differently. I carried some water and sipped on it throughout the run, something I have never done before. It is cumbersome to carry a bottle but a constant drip of water kept me feeling fresh. And I bought a chocolate and ate it at around 14k or so. It was pleasant change to run in warmer weather after the chill of Pune and the mostly flat terrain helped.

There is absolutely no soreness in my legs post long runs. I keep expecting it to set in but it’s been at bay. Perhaps it’s the few stretches I do before getting out of the house- mainly padangushtasana 1,2 and 3 with the belt. With respect to food, I’ve been experimenting with millets as recommended by my yoga teacher and it seems to be giving me energy without the heaviness.

Today was a slow easy 6k run in the cold and I worked on the breathing. Ever since I got fascinated with the breath, the pressure of time seems to have dropped by the wayside. The interesting thing with yoga practice is the tendency to watch for posture and breathing through the day.

26th Dec, Fri: 16.6k (1.50.01)

29th Dec, Mon: 6k (40.57)

Surya Namaskars in the evenings.