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Breath is life. Without it, there is nothing. Yet it is one action that one is seldom aware of as it happens carelessly in the background. Running and yoga work with the act of inhalation and exhalation. An asana requires using the breath to get in and out of it besides a continuous cycle to maintain it. Running without awareness of the breath brings on panic. In both practices, getting increasingly aware of how it works has given me more mental flexibility.

22nd Dec, Mon- Rest day. Running four days seems to be working well for me giving enough time for recovery.

23rd Dec, Tue- Yoga
The final pose was an urdhva dhanurasana and we went through various asanas before we reached it. The instruction was to activate the pec minor and I had no idea what I was supposed to visualize but I watched the other students and slowly got the hang of it. We used ropes for the arms and thighs to aid in working on the chest opening for the pose. A couple of months ago, I could not do the asana and now it was the highlight of my day.

24th Dec, Wed- 8.2k (51:47)
Last night I was fretting over all the stuff I needed to get done, run included. However, I woke up fresh at 4:30 in the morning and was rearing to hit the streets. Dressed warm and got out to an easy start. I took the lessons from yesterday’s class and applied it to today’s run. I found that my breath was stable when I imagined those little pec minor muscles holding the chest up as though they were clips. It allowed me better access to my breathing and I did not tire. Net result a faster 8k.
This was a conscious effort so I guess I can replicate it again unlike earlier spontaneous occurrences when the run sort of happened.