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Ever since I started following a plan set by the Coach, I’ve not gone on any different routes as I decided to work on something he calls mastering boredom.  While I did mull over taking a different road today, decided to stick to the same old roads. I am beginning to feel like a wizened old person who can wait for as long as it takes to watch the grass grow.
All these runs are planned towards a half marathon distance in a month or so. While letting my mind amble I was wondering what after that milestone and one of the signposts on a road made me think of runs to discover this town. There are names like Naylor Road and Nathan Road which are probably remnants of a colonial era and it would be interesting to see where these roads lead.
Today was 15k and I did 15.4k in 1:45:47. Ticked it off as another homework run. Nothing spectacular but necessary.
The neck has been behaving and the pain and heaviness on the right is barely noticeable. I feel a little strength in my limbs and more calm in my mind.