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Little Runner Girl brings home the medals!

Little Runner Girl brings home the medals!

My little girl won two medals today and we both were as thrilled as thrilled can be.

16th Dec, Tue: Yoga – One of the constant refrains in the women’s class is to work on the pelvic belt as that’s the region that is said to be responsible for the hormonal health of women. Since I started class, I have noticed that the sluggish days are not as cramped as before but relatively OK. The class was suggested to stay off rice and wheat for the next month and switch to millets instead.

17th Dec, Wed:10k –  Easy does it. Ran slow and didn’t wear the watch. By the end of the run, I felt like I could go on for a while. It’s brrrr cold though and the thought of a mid week 12k gives me the shivers. Maybe the dark runs are why I am fantasizing about the sun, sea and sand.

18th Dec, Thur: Yoga – Shifted to an earlier batch, this one is an advanced class and for half an hour longer. It was a little more intensive but manageable. I got to see some students doing all those contorted poses that I only saw in books and it was awesome. Regular folks doing what seems impossible. The class is more technical and requires a regular home practice too but I’m not complaining as there is so much learning especially about the bio-mechanics of the body. My teacher thinks I can handle this class, so I am hopeful of being able to advance slowly. Worked on the wrists and elbows and actually saw my hands. Half of the asana is really observing and taking the mind to the pose. Once the awareness is taken to the exact location, the asana seems to happen.

19th Dec, Fri: Off

20th Dec, Sat: Off Sports day and Little Miss Runner wins the 100m sprint and gets 3rd place in the sack race!