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Monday through Monday. The last week was about moonlight and star-shine runs as I started getting out even earlier, getting into a yoga practice at home besides making a new running buddy.

It’s been a bit of a mental struggle with running and yoga. Running because the apparent lack of any change is frustrating and yoga because I am impatient with the alignment issues. The breath seems to elude me and it’s making it difficult to relax while running. On the upside, I am getting more mindful in my yoga practice, consciously trying to identify the reactions in the body. Stretching more on the left seems to be working for now as the heaviness on the right is down dramatically. The neck is a lot more relaxed these days and I’ve been relatively free of any soreness. It’s probably the increased time practising the asanas.

  • 8th Dec, Mon: 6k (39.28) I’m getting slower.
  • 9th Dec, Tue: Yoga substitute teacher. Gentler class.
  • 10th Dec, Wed: 10.1k (1.07.01) Slower still
  • 11th Dec, Thur: Yoga. 25 Surya Namaskars and we are supposed to go up to 75 in a month. We worked on the neck and trunk in the asanas. One of the things that really amazed me was how much depth there is to an asana. We were in trikonasana a few times and in each set, there was an increased awareness of the different muscle groups and organs.
  • 12th Dec, Fri: 6k run with a new friend. It was nice to run without an agenda and with someone.
  • 13th Dec, Sat: 15.1k (1.38.20) . Slow but the focus was to complete the distance. I was glad when my new running buddy joined me in the last mile as I was tiring. Somewhere I think the thought of having to run a half next month in Mumbai is creating unnecessary pressure. In my head, I know the distance is not a problem but what about the crowds. The thought of having to be in an ocean of people is claustrophobic. What was I thinking of when I signed up? Home yoga practice in the evening.
  • 14th Dec, Sun: Sundays are turning out to be siesta days and I’m enjoying a break day. Slowly the household has also started working around an easy weekend. Home yoga practice in the evening.
  • 15th Dec, Mon: 8.2k (53.25) I don’t know why I think I should be faster. It’s taking the joy out of running. I think I’m going to lose the watch for a bit.