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Yesterday’s run is the reason I run. The last few long runs have been about working hard with the coach. I was secretly happy to have one to run alone without any pressure. So off it was on a lovely Saturday morning around town.
Unlike the last week, this time it was a breeze. I could have gone on and on.

There were a few kids on their way to school who started mimicking me run and it made me smile. The homeless man with his crossword was in the usual spot and the sun rays rained gently between the leaves making for a postcard perfect picture.

All said and done, this fun run wouldn’t have been possible if I did not have those tiring runs, the slightly faster runs. Every time there is a breakthrough in running or in my yoga practice, I feel humbly grateful for the teachers on my road. Having been a sceptic who relied on myself, allowing myself to be teachable has opened my mind.

This time around I consciously did a few things which may have helped.

  • Fuelled up well, forced myself to eat more than I do the day before.
  • Drank a couple of sips of water before I got thirsty.
  • Settled into the breath first and let that push the run.
  • Started slow and allowed myself to slow down when I sensed tiredness setting in.
  • Broke the run into smaller distances.

4th Dec (Thur): Yoga. 20 intense Surya namaskars besides a lot of back and leg work. I just knew it was going to hurt later. Veer bhadrasan 3 and ardha chandrasan with the belt. I struggle with these poses. This time around, the left right alignment mismatch was glaring. Took a neck traction after class.

5th Dec (Fri): Didn’t go for a run as I was sore from yoga class. Instead went for a long walk and stretched in the evening.

6th Dec (Sat): 14.5k (1.32.40) smiles all day long.

7th Dec (Sun): Just a short walk around the neighbourhood and lots of napping. Mid day nap and afternoon siesta besides getting up late in the morning! I could get used to this.