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Part of the commitment towards running has been being patient and trusting the process. It’s been a major shift for me to go slow and not hurtle down a manic road towards a half marathon distance. While I understand all this, impatience is simmering inside.

Yesterday’s yoga class was led by a substitute teacher and it was a different sort of a class. We got some beautiful stretches and reminders of the basic instructions on the breath and getting in and out of the asanas using it.

Today’s 10k got off to a reluctant start. Until more than half the distance, all I could think of was that I must be insane to wake up before the crows and torture myself silly. I wasn’t able to find my rhythm with the breath and thoughts of cutting short seemed rather attractive. In short, mutiny in the mind. All I did was tell myself that today was a run for the mind, not the legs and that I just had to do what I had to do.
10.2k (1:06:40)

And now all’s right with my world.