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Running got me ready for yoga. The discipline of showing up in the mornings helped set a base for a more serious yoga practice this time around. Running helped me see that I could be consistent and dedicated. Looking back, I see that blogging about my journey has also helped in keeping me on track and allowed me to reflect on the changes that are taking place.

27th Nov, Thursday: Yoga.

Supta padangushtasana 1,2,3 , adho mukhosvasana, virasana and variations.
Talk by the teacher and a guided savasana. In almost all the classes, our teacher gives little nuggets of wisdom in between the detailed instructions but it’s a rare class when we get a half hour session of the art of life. She’s a yogi in the truest sense, living her life as a wife, mother and teacher while being detached.

28th Nov, Friday: 6 K. I started out a couple of hours later than I usually do, ran a different route and was pleasantly surprised to have a similar voila moment like the last run.

9th Nov, Saturday: 14.5K. Weekly long run with The Coach and another runner. Between the two of them, they kept a merry pace and I tagged along thinking not too bad until the last 3-4 km. I got cold and tired and didn’t want to run but finished somehow. Thinking back, I guess I needed more fuel. By the end of it, I was knackered and it didn’t help that I had a long day with a lot of driving and chores. The neck was cranky all day and other assorted body parts (knees, back and butt) also protested quite noisily.

30th Nov, Sunday: Rest. I woke up early but refused to get out of bed until a couple of hours later. It was a relaxing Sunday with the family and lots of nap time and reading.

1st Dec, Monday: 6.2 K (39.20) It’s very dark in the mornings and some stretches of road are pitch black. I think I might have been a wee bit faster if it were brighter.