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I have been very lucky to have two wonderful teachers on my road.

In yesterday’s yoga class, I had a deep sense of gratitude towards my teacher who gives so selflessly of her wisdom.

Today’s happy run was what The Coach has been talking about. He’s been a great support and patient teacher.

It’s a long ways from mastery in either practice but I’m blessed with a wealth of experience and knowledge, freely given.

24th November- Rest

25th November- Yoga
I got a separate routine from the class. While they did shoulder stands and head stands, I got twists, a few pelvic opening asanas and resting poses. It helped relieve the fatigue I felt before the class.

26th November-10.3k (1.08.35)
Happy run! Am still happy at the end of the day. It’s not about the time or distance but a voila moment when I was able to break through and run free and strong. It got me wondering if 10k was the new 5k.