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Yesterday while sitting with my feet up on the coffee table, I noticed that the angle of my toes looked different and I saw that there was a tiny arch forming in my flat feet. I don’t know how but I suspect it’s a combination of running and yoga. This little transformation makes me believe that I can change into the form that we are naturally meant to have.

21st November: 5k (33.36) I didn’t even need to check my watch, I just knew I was slow.

22nd November: 13.3k with The Coach.  (1.27.30)
PMS or season changes or both, the runs have been harder and the body feels heavier. I don’t want to do anything Coach says but I go on, telling myself to give the voice of experience a chance.
Met a couple of other runners at the end and stretched with them. One of them turned out to be a friend of a very dear old friend.

23rd November: Walked for an hour or so with the husband. It was nice to amble along chatting about this, that and the other and not have to think about chores or play referee to the kids.