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  • 14th November- 4k (26.05) It was supposed to be 5k but the neck acted up and I decided to walk back.
  • 15th November- took the day off to rest the neck.
  • 16th November- 9.2k (1.03)- Was supposed to be 10k but didn’t get around to checking the map the previous day. On the last mile, I gave company to a girl who was running. It was interesting as I slowed down to run alongside her. Running that last leg slower than my pace gave me time to recover my energy.
  • 17th November- Didn’t feel like running. Went for a short walk instead.
  • 18th November- YOGA (twists with focus on the abdominal band, great for PMS. Just what I needed this week). At the end of the class, I took some traction to release the neck.
  • 19th November- 8k with the coach. It’s hard work and ups the ante for my subsequent runs.
  • 20th November- YOGA. We didn’t get our butts off the mat. Only seated asanas and twists.

PMS is real. It’s only when I hit my 30’s that I started noticing the small changes, physical and mental. I never really gave it much thought or attention; it simply did not exist. As I age, I am more aware of the changes happening and my yoga teacher very beautifully incorporates asanas designed to work with our unique body rhythms and cycles. Until she brought it to our notice, I never realized how tight the shoulders get or how the PMS bulge literally saps the energy out. While in the poses, I actually felt the heat generated in the abdominal belt and experienced the internal squeeze and twist. All the work with opening and stabilizing the pelvic girdle has helped with the imbalance on the right side. Overall a sense of lightness and well-being.