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11th November
Balance poses are a challenge for me. There is a lot of correction that needs to take place and it is frustrating. However managed to hold the ardha chandrasan by the end of the class, thanks to the teacher’s instructions.
Despite the mental fatigue and physical strain, the neck has been relatively ok. Not pain free but not completely out of whack either.

12th November
8k (50:16)

Didn’t want to run. I thought of giving up but decided I had to see the plan through. It took a while before I started to enjoy myself.  The neck was a little cranky but no pain on the right hip, knee, ankle. Guess it was the yoga class yesterday.

13th November
Worked on opening the chest, lifting the pelvis, lengthening the trunk, expanding the back.
I should try and understand the structure and  mechanics of the muscular system. Despite being a novice, I can see the difference between classes. Its the small things, like being able to get into an asana or stay a wee bit longer or get the required alignment. The running feels more grounded.
I find the standing poses difficult. Once I am able to attain a level of proficiency in them, I feel there will be progress. Balance. Its mostly in the mind.