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– 5th, 6th and 7th November

No run. No walk. No yoga. Life comes to a screeching halt when kids fall sick.

– 8th Nov  6k (39.25)

I started the run with an unruly mind. Blame it on a lack of sleep, a hyper wired state of mind and the pressure of having to somehow maintain a semblance of a running practice. Since the plan had gone to the wind, I decided to do a 6 today but it was a struggle.

– 9th November 3k (20.21)

A mad run to exhaust the fatigue of sleepless nights, caring for a sick child and the looming prospect of nothing really changing in the next week. I don’t like evening runs.

Sometimes I wonder why I even try but guess something is better than nothing. Tomorrow is 6k but I might just stay put.

– 10th November 6k (40.25)

There was no hope of a run but then the opportunity presented itself. I had no big expectations except to do the distance. It was tiring, the neck acted up (no surprises there) but it was good to finish. My right hip, knee, shins and ankle are out of whack and the running was all scrunched up.