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2nd Nov, Sunday- Walked for an hour and a half. I had forgotten how much I used to like walking (before running happened). I ambled over a little hill and watched kids at play, adults picnicking and goats grazing.

3rd Nov, Monday – 6k (39:25). OK run although I think it is one of the faster ones. One of the challenges now is the cold setting in slowly. My fingers are frozen and I get some life in them only by the time I’m walking back home. I’ve been mulling over wearing a pair of gloves but it seems a little weird considering the rest of me is fine.

4th Nov, Tuesday- Yoga class after a 2 week break. We worked on Spine stretches and aligning the pelvic girdle and the gluteal muscles besides getting started on strengthening the arms and wrists. The final pose was a very mindful and fluid trikonasana, aligned and balanced. The class left me with lightness and a sense of expansiveness. As expected, there is a delicious soreness in the muscles that have been nudged out of slumber.

There is something about resuming any practice after a long break. The recent forced break from running also brought up the same sense of feeling like there was a better grounding and more openness in understanding. It’s been the same with yoga too. The first time I was introduced to Iyengar yoga was about 20 years ago. There was a long break and I got back to it during my pregnancy about 9 years ago. The last time was about 2 years ago when I moved to this town and finally now again.

Running has developed some amount of mental resilience and has allowed me to push past discomfort. It gives me hope that I might be able to hold on to the yoga practice.