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30th Oct: 5k (33.07)

31st Oct: 5k (31.53)

Feel a little tired and the heavy feeling on the right side is back. One more run tomorrow and I get a day off.

My thoughts are slow enough while running for it to make sense even as it whizzes from one thing to the other. But by the time, I get around to typing my entry, it doesn’t seem all that bright.

Some of the stray thoughts that I managed to catch hold of while they seemed to make sense.

– Why am I running? What is it that drives me to want to run again and again? I think my motivation comes from within. I bounce back relatively easily after a slump. I guess I’m just an optimist. Come to think of it, I’ve been more or less a self-taught person. It’s taken me longer to learn things as a result but there is a certain sense of ownership of whatever I have struggled to master. It makes my experience more real when I share.

– At one time running 5 km was a long run. The same distance is a minimum run now. I’m still a long way off from being Forrest Gump but hope to get there someday.

– It’s easier to break running into small pieces. Thinking of doing 30 km a week seems too much but breaking it down over a few days makes it doable. That got me thinking about how 365 days is far more than 52 weeks which is far more than 12 months which in turn is greater than 30 days which is still more than 1 week until it’s just today. And finally, today is all I have. Today is when I build my base by just showing up.

– It’s cold these days and I can see my breath which got me thinking about my days as a smoker. It will be 3 years since I quit that habit although sometimes the craving does creep up.

– Why do I shy away from running in a group?

– I think there’s something wrong with my watch. I did the middle 2 km stretch in less than 11 minutes.

– I guess maybe I am a runner after all.