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Yoga class was very intense today.
Suptapadangushtasana and it’s variations, standing poses and back bends.  Yet again, sore thighs, butt, arms. How does it manage to hurt even after some time? But that’s also the beauty in the practice, one never really knows when the penny will click.
Yesterday’s shoulder stand did not go too well with the neck. I got a release with the belt in class but still a bit stiff.
I forgot that recovering doesn’t mean recovered and pushed myself yesterday. Maybe that is why the exhaustion is a physical thing today.
My head is heavy and I have been lethargic.

Some reason this didn’t get uploaded yesterday.
I didn’t plan on doing anything today. The hot bag last night seemed to help some. The fatigue is still lingering. Finally gave in and took a pain killer.
Hope to get out tomorrow. It’s been far too long.