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I’ve had an amazing morning, quite different from what I had planned but as always the best plans are the one’s life makes.
I was up and ready to head out of the door when my little girl trotted out wide awake. Cute eyes and a smiling face said, “Mama, I want to come running with you”.
To cut a long story short, we got out together and she taught me something I was quite resistant to learn.
She sprinted and I ran to keep up, then she’d walk and I would walk too when she would suddenly sprint and I would have to play catch up. Interval training with my mini coach.
After she tired, she went walking with the husband while I ran a quick loop to get back into the habit.
One of the things we were chatting about was how mornings are a happy time and my little guru sagely commented, “It’s a time when anything is possible”.
All in all a glorious Sunday.