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This morning was different. I woke up with no pain and a fair bit of mobility. A few cautious stretches and it felt stable enough to go.
So out of the door and into the awakening world, I went. While walking to warm up, I realized how much I missed being outdoors in the morning.
I did about 3.5km (22.15) and then walked.
This has been the longest gap between runs and a huge shift has taken place. I did not worry about whether I could run our not. I just knew I could. Despite feeling a little sluggish, I had a good run and it made me feel alive. Tinglingly alive.
Perhaps I should have just walked and slowly eased back into running. But I am just so happy I did.
No matter what happens, I am a runner at heart with or without the run. Despite the setbacks, I know I will get up on my feet again and again.