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10 days and 5 runs

  • 22nd Aug- 3k (22.08)
  • 24th Aug – started out as an 8k but must have run about 5 or 6 and walked in between and didn’t even bother to get the time (the stopwatch kept going)
  • 27th Aug- 5k with no watch and enjoyed the distance after a very long time
  • 30th Aug- 4k in Mumbai, again with no watch and enjoyed the run
  • Today- 6k, no watch and had a good run

I’m not a watch person. It’s only in the last couple of months that I wore a watch. Simply because I loved the cool sporty look and because it made me feel like I was a runner. As a personal preference, I do not care much for jewellery or accessories. The watch was every bit as binding as the chains or bracelets that I don’t wear. 

Something has shifted inside. I am not fretting about not being able to stick to a plan. I am taking each run as it comes, grateful for the days I can get out. Slowly, I’ve started to enjoy the runs and I feel the change in my limbs too. They don’t feel all seized up.


No more obsession, just the passion.