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It was an unusual morning. Almost everyday I see familiar lights go up in windows as I sip my coffee but today it was all dark. Out on the streets, the lamps were off in some places and there was a mist like shroud enveloping the neighbourhood. It felt like a dream sequence -lonely stretches of road with nothing but the sound of my feet and breath.  

Contemplating something while running relaxes me and today I strayed on to the word ‘dharma’. It’s a frequently used word in Hindu folklore and has a strong religious connotation as well. Loosely translated, it could mean anything from duty to religion and not surprisingly, is a much abused term. 

I like to think of ‘dharma’ being the essence of something. In the running context, I see it as discovering the kind of runner I am and striving to get better while staying true to my being .

Mileage: 5k (33:52)