It’s been an interesting ten days in my running journey.
Quick update

9th 4k; 25.35
10th  no run
11th no run
12th approx.3k;  approx.19 min
13th no run
14th 5k; 33.50
15th 5k; 32.58
16th no run
17th 7k; 48.15

I’ve been struggling for a bit with being regular. I forgot that the monkey on my back is imaginary and let a whole colony of them wreak havoc in my head all this while.

A few days ago I was chatting with Coach and he suggested I do 5-6k regularly for a few days. So, I started yet again and managed 3 runs in the last four days. The point is to get back there and do the distance. Have actually been able to relax and run the last few times.

The neck is less painful but the knee and ankle act up now. A couple of months ago, I was swimming as well and that was a good phase as far as running and pain management was concerned. Maybe I should get back to the swimming but the thought of getting into the cold water gives me the goose bumps.

Some observations
Reading and writing are vital to my well-being and the block with running has spilled over into two of my favourite activities.
Initially the change and progress was very visible and apparent. So it was easier to keep going as there was quick gratification.
Coming back after injury or running with pain tends to bring the monkey on my back with a vengeance.