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Got out of the door and got moving. Today was 5k day and I finished the distance. The neck acted up a bit along the way and I realised paying too much attention to it didn’t help any. I walked about half a minute or so when it was getting in the way and then carried on.

I’ve had cervical spondylosis long enough to recognise the triggers and the thing that gets its started is anxiety or fear. The thought of running faster was the trigger in this case. Consciously worked on swinging the arms, breathing and landing on the butt. Most of the time, the body parts seemed to have a life of their own but it’s usually like this after a break. Running continuously for a day or two generally helps me find my rhythm. It’s a good time to remind myself of the basics.

One of the refrains that kept me going today was my little girl enthusiastically practising her Bharatnatyam steps. The latest one involves hand and feet movement along with the head. And while she scrambles to get it right, she doesn’t give up. So I repeated “thayum tha tha thaiyya” while picturing her doing her dance steps and ran along. It made me smile while I was chugging away.

This Sunday, she and I are planning a small run. She seems really interested in running and was telling me how she ran from one end of our street to the other yesterday evening. Today, she said, “watch mama” and ran. It was a delight to watch. Such exuberance and freedom! Her hair flying in the wind, her body in perfect motion and complete harmony.

Mileage: 5k (32m58s)

I think this is probably one of the faster times though I cannot really say since I have never kept track.