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It’s been more than a week since my last entry. A quick recap.

24th July 3k

The neck started to act up again and I had to walk back on the 24th. So, off to the doctor it was. Now this guy is a runner himself and had treated me last year for a flare up of cervical spondylosis, fixed my ligament tears in the ankle etc. He put me on a course of muscle relaxants both tablets and a gel besides traction for 10 days. The upside was he said I could continue running. 

The problem. Disc degeneration in C4,5 and 6. It’s been there for a while and the neck exercises usually keep it in check. I have noticed the flare ups happen when there is excessive strain, mental or physical and lack of sleep. Guilty on all counts this time. 

27th July 11k

Put on the gel and got out of the door. I had a good run on a different route. I’ve been wanting to go on one of the streets for a long time now just to pass by the old houses that line it. Along the way, I also saw a TV antenna, the kind that used to be commonplace on most terraces about 25 years ago. I haven’t seen one in years, didn’t think they existed anymore. I feel thrilled when I see stuff that reminds me of a forgotten time and age where time was not short. Running for longer allows my mind to freewheel and connect the dots between what I see around me and what is changing within. 

29th July 5k

This one was a struggle. I find running harder after a day off. Although I wanted to give up, I didn’t.

All in all, barely running but not too hassled. It’s been more important for me to slow down and fix myself and my life. Heavy rains and a warm house meant it was easy to slide into comforting pajamas and sip hot coffee while watching the raindrops on my window.

Tomorrow the daughter has promised to get out for a run with me. I like the picture of both of us running together.  


Some of the stuff that came to mind during the last few weeks…

There is no shortcut to anything worthwhile. You simply have to show up day in and day out and one fine day, you are the miracle.

Progress happens even if I can’t see it.