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The half never happened on my birthday but I had the most amazing day.
I woke up not wanting to get out but knew I had to even if it was just for 5 minutes. While walking, I was thinking that it all boils down to perspective. I love the predawn light, the blue wash as the street lights go off and the day begins to awaken. Alone on the streets, it feels magical in that space.
When I get into all or nothing mode, I don’t let experience happen and set myself up for failure. I was disappointed not to be running the distance but somewhere a voice inside said that this setback is something I will be very grateful for some day.
All the same, I was crying inside. I ran for a short while until my favourite spot and then walked back as the neck started acting up again.
I had a great evening with my family and dearest friends and felt extremely grateful to have so much love and support. I could’ve poked myself in the eye for not seeing all the great stuff I have going for me. But that was a fleeting thought of harming myself. I had a house full of flowers and so much love and laughter that washed away all disappointment.
Took the day off today and slept in until 8.30! Can’t remember the last time I did that.