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Update: 2.5k on Friday and Rest day on Saturday.

Had a good run yesterday. Did a 7k on a different route and enjoyed the quiet of a Sunday morning with the city asleep. I passed by the race course and saw horses out on their training and it was nice to just run without feeling like I needed to clock in time or miles. Decided that putting the pressure of time is not good for me right now. I need to work on the running habit first and then running well.

The mind is still very unruly and its a riot between “Come what may, I’m going to do a half” and “Patience. You need more time.” Rationally, there are more good reasons why I shouldn’t do that distance now and it’s taking all I have to let the voices battle it out. Took the day off today thinking what if?

It’s tiring work, this constant rebellion and I find myself on the edge a lot of times. 

All this running riot aside, here’s what the underside of my old shoes looked like. It’s been about a year since I had this pair.