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Got out again this morning for a longish run with The Coach. I thought I started well and fast but it didn’t last all the way. Felt dizzy towards the last 3km or so and had to walk back and finally get dropped. It was so bad that I did not bother to find out how far I went today. There goes my plans of doing a half marathon distance next week. In all honesty, I am not ready. I haven’t put in that much time or distance. The Coach is right.

If I have to analyse what went wrong, I could fill pages but in a nutshell, it is pride, not being humble enough. I haven’t been running that long, I haven’t been taking care of myself and there’s just too many things happening in my everyday life. One good thing of today’s disastrous run is that I was so tired, I could not fight anymore. It’s back to basics and build from there on.

In the last one week or so, I had become downright intolerable even to myself. Someday in the future, I will probably be amused with my today’s self but at the moment, I’m still licking my wounds.