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Missed a run yesterday due to travel. Got out this morning and decided to time myself. I ran faster even though I had to stop to stretch my neck and shoulders. I also broke a mental block of starting and finishing from where I usually start.

One of the regulars out when I am running, is a gentleman on a cycle. We wave out to each other or exchange a quick good morning as we cross paths. Now I consider these folks to be my supporters. But that’s my thought, I don’t really know about what they feel. So it was a pleasant surprise when this fine man remarked, “absent 2 days?” And I felt good. Even strangers care about someone’s progress. That’s when the title for the post popped up in my head.

Musings apart, it was a good run though the neck pain is a problem. I have to find a long term solution. For now, I just want to get through until next week. I did run fast in patches and worked on landing on the butt, swinging the elbows and leaning forward from the ankles. Keeping all that in mind and running, I was reminded about my initial driving days when I couldn’t manage to coordinate hand, eyes and feet.


Mileage: a little over 6k