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Set out to do 18k with The Coach but had no plan on a route. So we just ran. Found out later that we did a distance of a little more than 16k. Not bad in my books because I was wondering whether I could go that far since I hadn’t been running. The neck acted up a bit but I knew I could carry on. I really need to fix that somehow.

It was a relatively easy long run as I yakked all the way about this, that and the other. If I had to think about it, it was just my mind talking out loud since there was a pair of ears. I should talk less and run fast next time. Poor Coach. It must have been double torture. Firstly running slow and then non-stop chatter.

Lot of learning. All along I just watched my foot and he spoke about mentally landing on the butt. My initial reaction was a mental image of the buns going jiggle jiggle and I was mortified. But then you can’t see your behind so its ok. Like Timone and Pumba, one of the two says your behind is in the past.

Another suggestion was to lean slightly forward from the ankles. So now there’s another set of new things to work on.

I missed a run this morning but no regrets as I caught up on some much needed sleep. I didn’t realize the extent of my sleep deprivation until I landed in Mumbai having slept all the way.  Reached home and then slept some more in one position until this morning.