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It’s been a little over a month that I’ve been in a bit of a flux as far as life is concerned. A change in routine, adjusting to a kid back from an exchange program in Brazil, increased work commitments, a break from running due to the neck and some whirlwind cooking weekends with the husband. Not running makes me a little edgy but then such is life and all said and done, I am grateful to have all this bustle.

Here’s the plan for the long runs before I hit the half marathon distance in 12 days.

18k on Saturday and 15k on Thursday before the big day. The Coach’s plan. At the moment, it seems insanely impossible to go so far and I have no idea what to expect. Yesterday, I was dismayed to see how long I took to do 6k. It just reinforced my feeling of not being too fit.

Guess it’s back to the old formula. Carry some money and tell myself that I will go as far as I can and walk or ride back if I can’t manage.

MIleage : 6k yesterday and 5k today.