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A lot can happen in a week. I was making all these plans about the next Project 21 and life intervened.

Last Tuesday, I got out for a run and had to walk back. Not enough rest, not enough exercise (physio) and voila a violent muscle spasm. I’ve had cervical spondylosis for a longish while now, blame it on an earlier desk job that involved long hours of staring at the screen and incorrect posture. Most people I know have warned me against running saying that it would damage things further. I don’t know if there is any truth to it or not. I’ve found running keeps me happy. I also continue with the routine taught by the physiotherapist to keep my mobility. But there are off days when life gets overwhelming.

I’ve been rereading Running with the mind of meditation and one thing that caught my attention was the phrase “the point of view of basic healthiness”. It’s a thought that resonates with my personal belief that we have all we need to heal within. More often than not, I forget that we are a perfect system if we only let life be.

A big difference this time around was that I wasn’t unduly worried. I figured I had a very long spell of not running when I tore all my ligaments and all I needed right now was some rest. So I rested, well maybe not enough but still better than what I would earlier, used pain relief gel and finally even managed a short visit to the doctor. Lesson learnt this time was to treat the pain immediately and not wait.

In the meanwhile, I gifted myself a pair of shoes. I would like to do my first half marathon on my birthday this year.  A couple of things here. Firstly, I’ve never cared much for my birthdays. Secondly, I don’t wear catchy colours. Running has rewired some circuitry in my head. Actually, I need a new phone more than another pair of shoes but then again…

I’ve almost always run alone and have shared this idea about doing a half on my birthday with very few people. I was chatting with The Coach and he has sort of assumed the role of supporter for which I am very grateful. He’s going to be there with me. Another friend who is also a runner in another city said he would run on the same day as well to keep me company in spirit. It’s been very touching to receive so much unconditional support. I only hope I can give back like I have received.

And I hit the road yesterday. It was a short 3k but no complains. My irrational brain thinks I would forget how to run, cycle, swim or drive after a gap of any length. Just one of those things.

Well, this one’s been a long entry, less about running and more about me but then its about me and my run 🙂