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It’s been a couple of days since my last post. I ran yesterday and the day before. Took the day off today as I had a tiring couple of days and want to do a longish run tomorrow.

I have strangers who are friends now. It’s all in my head, the thought of them being friends. Seeing the regular cyclists, runners, walkers, dogs etc makes me feel good. It’s silent encouragement with a smile or a quick good morning. I like to think they feel the same warm way about me too.
Both mornings I caught a gorgeous sunrise and a painter’s sky. Under the open skies I feel humbled to be a tiny speck running. In the grand scheme of the universe, there is space and time for all creatures to strive.

Mileage: 6k (8) 12th June
Mileage: 6k (8) 13th June