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It’s been a bit difficult today as well. Not as pleasurable as the runs last week. 

All in all, I didn’t feel at my optimum. My legs were heavier, my breathing was more erratic and laboured and my mind was in full ping pong mode. So, I decided to forget pushing for speed and just focus on completing today’s 5k.

I remembered thinking about my little sister on one of my long runs and how it made me feel. I realized, she’s one person who loves me unconditionally. No matter what, she is on my team. And she’s probably the only person I wouldn’t mind having to cheer me on in a race someday. 

 I smile when I think of all the crazy and funny things she says and does, all with so much love. Love you sis. Sent you loads of it on the wind today.

Mileage: 5k(7)