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I finally made it to the Bandra Band Stand promenade, a place where I’ve spent many evenings and nights listening to the waves crash and feeling the breeze whip my hair. It’s been a couple of years since I moved out of Mumbai but this is one place that is a favourite. I’ve seen it through all its changes, from a rough stretch of road to a nice promenade. It’s seen me through all kinds of days, happy, sad, angry, contemplative, bored and so on. I used to see a few runners back then and be in awe of them. It never occurred to me that I could or would run one day.

Yesterday, I had decided to run from my place to Band Stand in Bandra and I did. It’s a little intimidating out on the roads here as there is traffic at all hours and I have to pass through a fair stretch of highway with rumbling trucks and speeding cars. Today for the first time I got heckled, a bunch of guys passing by in a car yelled, “Stop running, you’ll die bitch!”. Thankfully, I don’t doubt myself today. Perhaps if it happened when I just started running, it might have frazzled me.  

I also know that this is just the beginning and there are endless levels in my journey. It’s nice to enjoy the rewards of accomplishing one phase before I have to move on. 

Mileage: 8.5k (8.8) 55 min.