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My thighs were really sore today and I figured it was possibly from the slightly uphill run yesterday.Just when I thought no more sore muscles or other such things. That’s a good thing about running, it keeps me in check.

Today I stuck to the regular route which is a set of gentle slopes (can’t even really call them slopes because they are very slight) and went a little faster on the uphill sections. Just an experiment. I realised as a pattern, I prefer to get over with unpleasant stuff quickly. Today I told myself that I’m going to enjoy a little suffering.

I also checked on my pace and turns out that I ran a little over 6k at an average pace of 6.36/km. I’m surprised and am smiling on the inside because just a couple of months ago, I would take about half an hour for a 3k run. A little everyday goes a long way.