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The monkey reared his murmuring head this morning but I brushed him off before he could get a sentence in.

I’d thought of doing a slightly hilly 5k route and surprisingly it was not as bad as I remembered it. This morning I was trying to figure out if I like hilly routes or straight ones. I like long slow runs, I find it calming. I don’t really care much for running fast, at least not right now. Anyways, these are just stray thoughts. 

I was dismayed as I ran this morning on seeing the broken clump of bamboos. It’s one of my favourite trees/plants in the vicinity and I loved the way the cluster spread out like a fan. We had a bit of a lashing in yesterday’s thunderstorm and I remember thinking that this morning would be great. Seeing the broken stems, I was reminded about the saying that it is better to bend than to break. 

I like trees for many reasons. The longevity and endurance they symbolise, their distinctive fragrance, the way they support a miniature ecosystem on them and so on. 

Mileage: 5.5k(7.5)