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Sometimes I doubt my ability to break into a run just as I wonder if I can drive or swim after a break. And yet, I reach the spot and my legs spring into motion. That’s my point of no return.

I had planned on doing a longish run today and didn’t really have any idea about where I was going to loop back. So I shoved a little cash into my pocket and decided that if it was really bad, I’d just find a rickshaw to get me back.

I got out, ran slowly, breathed easy and did not worry about how much time I was going to be running. Just a clear head and a slow trot and turns out that I ran for a little over 9km. 

I finished ‘What I talk about when I talk about running’ last night and decided I liked this one and maybe I should try another one of Murakami’s books to see if they elicit a clear response from me. 

Mileage: 9k(14)