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I decided to do 6k today come what may and am feeling good to have finished the distance. Despite the pain and discomfort, I was relaxed today. Maybe it was the anti-inflammatory gel that I slathered before I gout out.

While on the road, there was a lovely breeze cooling me off as I ran. I thought of my sister, miles away in Canada and sent her all my love on the wind. I imagined it flying across the planet until it reached her doorstep and touched her heart. Maybe I ought to think of a muse for every run. There was a lot less chatter in my head today.

I see a lot of stories around me when I run. Today it was two guys on a bike with a bouquet in between them, the sweeper lady raking all the dead leaves, the milk van waiting to offload, the provision store opening its shutter, the security guard asleep at the gas station and a couple taking an old lady out for a stroll in her wheelchair.

Full of gratitude that I can run.