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I got out today. Didn’t quite hit the 5k mark today but I got out. The right hip, knee and ankle are out of whack again. It just feels like my right side is bigger and heavier. I just feel out of alignment, like not having a center.

Getting out had its ripple effect on my day. I did my entire physio routine, hung out with a dear friend and went for a swim with my little girl. I had a great day.

The swim was the best part of the day. I enjoyed splashing around with my daughter and watching her learn her freestyle strokes. I swam a few laps. I thought it would be difficult but all the running I got in over the last few weeks resulted in no tiredness. I got out feeling light and loose and no pain in my knees and hip. As I write, it’s back but the new line in my head is “heal myself”

There’s a big marathon in January 2015. I’m wondering if I should sign up for it. Registrations open up on my birthday and it seems like an omen. Sort of like waiting for me to take that plunge. I keep thinking I just want to do the distance and don’t care for a race but I think it’s also because I’m scared to run in a crowd.


MIleage: 4.5k (7)