Well, I took two days off. Felt rested enough to hit the road yesterday. Did a laborious 5k yesterday. Midway through I was almost limping. 

This morning, my little girl was up by the time I was up and the bear family decided to go together. Dad, Mom and kid went strolling happily. Along the way, I played catch with my daughter and there the pain came right back.

Figured it is the IT Band Syndrome. Will take it easy on the mileage and maybe get to the pool tomorrow and splash around.

Feeling a little weighed down, don’t like slowing down just when I was getting into a nice groove. Guess that’s why I’ve been a bit crabby. Didn’t want to post either. But just like running, this is a project, being consistent,

Today, the husband’s cousin and his wife finished a half marathon. His first and her 5th. WOW! That must have been awesome and I can’t wait for my turn.