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So I had all these wonderful plans of a 5 or 6k route for today morning and was looking forward to testing myself out of town.
That’s not what happened and that’s why I’ve never liked planning too much. My town is rather dry and here the humidity is 80% most days.
Net net what happened was a 4k that was laborious and had me melting away like icecream on a hot sidewalk.
So much for flexing my running muscles.
Moral of the story, do not show off.
While I was sweating away, I was thanking all those people outside passing me for keeping me going. I’m kind of narcissistic when it comes to my runner’s image. I want to be that effortless runner who whizzes by and doesn’t stop.
Only I know how much of a scream it is inside at times.
Got to remind myself to keep it simple.
Mileage: 4k(4.7)