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I walked out of my door thinking it is a beautiful day to be out. It was cloudy and cool and reminded me of when I first started to run a year ago. 

I got out about 20 minutes later this morning and was comfortably trotting along and almost hit the midway point in my run when the local running coach (i keep saying coach but he’s also a good family friend) asked, “How much?” and I replied “6”. He said “Do 8 today” 

Now I had no plan of doing an 8k today since I was not mentally prepared. I did try to wriggle out of it but he didn’t let me. He ran alongside and just pushed me to finishing it even when I thought I couldn’t. And so I did 8k on 8th May.

I am very grateful for the knowledge, support and encouragement he so effortlessly gives. Thank you Sir!