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two forced days off. My body is not complaining but my mind is restless.

My little girl was unwell and today she woke up before I did, brushed her teeth and insisted that I wake up and take her out for a walk. All this at 5:30am. Now,if she was not feverish, I might have taken her with me but no way was I going to take her out when she was burning.

One of the first things she does when she wakes up early is draw the curtains and look out. Today she saw that it was dark but she was adamant that everyone was up and about even though the lights were not on. She raved and ranted about how she had to get up when I woke her and how it was not fair that I wasn’t getting up. All I wanted to do was get her back in bed. She went on in that vein for a bit and then fell off to sleep and proceeded to snooze till 11.

Now that she’s better, i hope to get a run tomorrow… oops today. It’s past midnight.