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Another late night but I made it out of the door. This time, the late night was not by choice but happened due to stuff out of my control.

I woke up tired and in no mood to go for a run or even get out of the bed. I didn’t want to miss a day so decided I would walk for 8km. So I laced up, stepped out of the door and started walking. I can’t say it was easy and there were spots where I wanted to turn back but I just had to finish what I set out to do today. 

Along the way, I caught the most beautiful sunrise, a beautiful bird– (red wattled lapwing), the usual pups and their mommies prancing, the smells of the fresh earth (it rained last night), the clicking of the jawans boots as they jogged in groups and the intoxicating smell of the frangipanis lining the roads.

I love this town for the variety of flowering trees. Come summer and they just burst into bloom, some of them having not a single leaf but full of vibrant colors. I was reminded of a few summer holidays with my cousins in the village, it smelt just like that. And coincidentally, I was chatting with one of them today after many years. 

I’ve been toying with an idea- running a half marathon distance on my birthday. it’s about 12 weeks away and I should be able to do it if I stick to a plan. I’m scared to even say it aloud but I’d like to do it very much. 

Mileage: (8)