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Woke up feeling knitted up back to my normal self and decided to just lounge around like a content kitty. 

Running as an activity takes up less than an hour of my day but I find it takes up a lot of my time through the day. I visualise the routes I’ve taken before, the feeling of an easy run, the exhilaration I feel at the end of a run and just the thought of being part of a community while being alone. 

I started this blog just as a way to remind myself about doing a little every day and what I type here is another thing that I think about when i think about running. 🙂 

There’s a whole log I maintained when I started last year and I just packed it when I had to stop. Here’s an excerpt to remind me of what it felt like then.

DAY 64, Friday, 16th August 2013

No run, no walk, no nothing. Just a large dinner. I have to go tomorrow. I think about running everyday regardless of whether I run or not. it occupies a lot of my headspace. When I think back about my first run and today, I feel a sense of achievement. It’s no great thing but I am doing something good and while it may not be to the extent I wish it was, it’s more than what I was doing earlier.  A little less than 3 months so, I whined about joint pains and sat on my behind. Today, the pains are almost gone. Sometimes I get an attack but mostly what I have is an incredible sense of health. I feel like my heart is stronger and alive and not slowly dying into resignation.