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I should have rested today. Fear held me back and yesterday’s euphoria pushed me out of the door. All in all, conflicting forces resulted in a painful hour in the morning. But I guess we learn best from our own mistakes.

I must have run about 2k before I started to alternate between walking and jogging for another 500m before I gave up and just started walking. My wise-ass line in my head is ‘Why walk when you can run?’ and today I sheepishly answer myself, because sometimes, it’s nice to smell the flowers. That’s what I got a chance to do today.

  • I saw a couple of pups frolicking with a couple of dogs (maybe their mommies).
  • I saw a squirrel race up a tree.
  • I had a driver splash me with water from a dirty puddle and apologise to me on his way back about 20 minutes later (he was late to drop his kid to school and unthinkingly splashed me)
  • I saw the playground where I usually start from covered in a light mist of dust which made it look like something on a movie screen.
  • I smelt the maddeningly heady frangipani blooms on the trees near my house.

All in all, a bit of pain, a bit of smiles, a bit of feeling foolish and a lot of gratitude.

Tomorrow I am taking the day OFF and letting my body recover.